We produce and sell wine, grape seeds and grapeseed oil for the love of the vine.

Grozdje Kokol


Viticulture Kokol is a family business with family tradition. We process about 3 hectares of vineyards east of Maribor (municipality of Duplek, Ciglence).
All our products are the result of the work of our family and stem from a sincere love of the vine, which we developed into a successful family farm. During our 40-year tradition in viticulture, we developed a new story and established a circular economy with no waste in grape processing. We process grapes into wine, but for us the use of the vine doesn't end there. We give the waste a new value by pressing the grape seeds into grape seed oil. What is left after the pressing is used for processing into grape seed flour.
This example of good practice in the circular economy was also recognized by the European Commission where we were among the Top 5 FINALISTS in the Circular Economy category at the prestigious RIA 2020 ("Rural Inspirational Awards") in Brussels.

Rural Inspirational Awards

Our products are NATURAL, LOCAL AND VERSATILE. They are the result of the work of our hardworking hands and the result of a sincere desire to improve our daily lives. Our added value lies in the top boutique quality and the heart-felt story that forms the basis of each of our products. We believe that nature's gifts are a benefit to our health.

The vine bears gifts for life!

Our products made:
- from grape seeds (old pressed 100% grapeseed oil, grapeseed flour and OIL FOR lip roll-on)
- from pumpkin seeds (cold-pressed 100% pumpkin seed oil, 100% pumpkin seed FLOUR, chocolate-covered pumpkin seeds (bitter chocolate or raspberry-flavored white chocolate)).
- cold-pressed 100% sunflower oil
- WINE: LAŠKI RIZLING (»Laški Riesling), dry , 2020,
were awarded the quality certificate of the collective brand “Our Best” of the Maribor Tourist Board.

Z ljubeznijo do trte


WE PRODUCE AND SELL WINE, GRAPE seeds AND COLD PRESSED GRAPESEED OIL, PUMPKISEED OIL, pumpkin seeds (raw, roasted, covered with chocolate), pumpkin flour and SUNFLOWER oil.
We offer wine tasting (for individuals and groups), a guided tour of the farm and our own OIL MILL, homemade cold cuts...
When you visit our farm, you will receive warm hospitality and professional guidance, which will ensure an unforgettable experience.
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    Pumpkin seed oil

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    Other products

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    We let the vine itself guide us and tap into the depths of the fertile land of family tradition,
    enriched with the knowledge of our ancestors, to discover new and new healing properties of this noble plant.

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